Arnold Romero


Every day humans go through a series of never-ending and constantly changing emotions, feelings, and experiences. As the world around us is constantly undergoing change, this reflects and responds to our own state of flux. My art, simply yet ambiguously, depicts this universal personal condition.

Currently I have created paintings that range from being full of love, kindness, and beauty, to pain, misery, and rage; works that are quirky and satirical in their comical mockery of all the negativity in life and that focus on positivity. My art leans towards mixing both radiating euphoria with obscure mysteriousness essentially to show that the two can interact and demonstrate a sense of adoration and love for one another, as if they were made for each other. The mockery as it is portrayed in my art may be difficult for others to decipher since it is not directly intended to depict any sort of public message. However, it is by all means perfectly acceptable if others choose to interpret my art in another way, but the more offensive, provocative, or peculiar my work is to viewers, the better. My paintings are simply a means to encourage discussion.